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– We ask that you will remove all wall hangings, window treatments, appliances, plug casings, personal items and furniture where needed.  Our Edmonton Painting crew will assist you moving other items upon request or on arrival. Your contract will detail this if necessary. If you’re an elderly customer we will do our best to assist you the best that we can.

What to expect

Your interior house painting quote will be exact, detailed and include written explanations of the different stages in the painting process that your home will need to look great and last a long time. Once we begin your painting project your work will be performed by our skilled professional local Edmonton Painters.

  1.     We determine if there are any Interior paint problems and our Edmonton painters make necessary corrective repairs to prevent reoccurring problems.
  2.     The Repaint Guys will assist with large furniture or appliances at the customer’s request.
  3.     Our Professional Edmonton Painters will protect your home with drop clothes, plastic, tarps and painter’s tape when needed.
  4.     All minor drywall repairs can be fixed prior to painting. Dings, dents, blemishes, nail holes, and nail pops can be plastered, sanded, and smooth prior to painting.
  5.     Our Edmonton Painters will prime walls, trim, doors and windows where necessary.We Sand all surfaces to ensure a quality bond and for smooth finish.
  6.    All clients will receive the quality and professionalism expected from professional painters with all work completed with showroom finishes.
  7.    Being one of the top professional painting services in Edmonton, we have respect for the work area so we take the time to organize our equipment and clean up at the end of each day.
  8. The Repaint Guys are concerned about the environment and your health, that’s why we use the finest quality paints available that are environmentally safe low and No VOC paints and EPA rated (Green Paints) that are low or no odors.
  9. Unmatched by any other interior Painting contractors in Edmonton we offer a 3 year Guarantee on workmanship from your premier Edmonton Interior painting service.